Personal Trainers


Karen Klussendorf


Karen is certified as a personal fitness trainer and group exercise instructor through AFAA and has her 500EYRT yoga certification through YogaFit.  She is trained in a variety of movement and fitness modalities which she combines to create individualized programs for you.  Karen especially likes working with people looking to improve their functional fitness level and quality of life through balance, strength and flexibility.
She believes exercise is good for body, mind and spirit…and that you have to start where you are!

To schedule with Karen, call 530-867-2478 or email her at

*Note: Karen has a different price list available at the front desk.

Greg Chapla


Greg is a 28 year resident of Davis. After playing collegiate football for UC Davis, he served on the Aggie coaching staff for over 20 years. Greg earned his Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist certification with the NSCA and served as strength coach for the Aggie football team for 15 years. He currently teaches physical education classes at UC Davis and is certified as a personal trainer through the National Council on Strength and Fitness. He is also in the process of completing his FMS training certification. Greg has had a lifelong interest in athletics and physical fitness; he currently competes as a cyclist, enjoys weight training and rock climbing. As a personal trainer, he wants to help his clients reach their goals and enjoy the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle.

To schedule with Greg, call 530-979-1713.

Sheryl Bernauer


Sheryl moved to Davis to attend UC Davis and then never left! After a health scare in 2003, she started down a path towards wellness…began teaching Yoga after YogaFit certification in 2008, progressed to Pilates reformer and mat training and culminating with AFAA Personal Trainer Certification and Nutritional Wellness consultation.  Sharing experiences…and empathy for understanding how hard it is to stay on that “making healthy decisions” path gives Sheryl a sense of personal victory anytime she helps someone else succeed in their fitness goals.

To schedule with Sheryl, call 530-304-6267.

Lauretta Hyatt-Chan


Lauretta has worked over 23 years in Physical Fitness and Rehabilitation. Highlights from her career include ACE certification as a Personal Fitness Trainer and Certified Group Fitness Instructor. Lauretta also received her a degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant from Sacramento City College. She has been featured as an International Fitness presenter at health and fitness conferences, with a specialty in aquatic therapeutic exercise. Her depth and breadth of experience allow her to train, facilitate and motivate her clients in achieving optimum performance and functional fitness.

To schedule with Lauretta, please call 530-753-8013.


Cecily Bailey


I am one of those ‘has been’ athletes, a very competitive gal, always pushing the envelope performing very well in several sports. Not without consequences, I crashed and burned in flames several times sustaining many injuries; some of which gradually became more painful, less stable and movement constrained. A healthy active lifestyle is part of my DNA, and those who know me will attest to this. I was working out 6 days a week (varying and up ticking the elements) and along with Yoga and Pilates, this regime was not really helping the issues I was experiencing. As a ballroom, Latin, Swing and Argentine Tango dancer, my skills were being impacted on the dance floor. I also ran into the big “C” (cancer) – surgeries, treatments etc. with positive results. However, notwithstanding, this and other health issues must be “honored”.

I mentioned my personal concerns to a very good friend who is a TRX Trainer and he invited me to work out with him. Yes, we modified some elements to honor my issues; success and positive results are accumulating.

A little TRX primer:- TRX originated with Randy Hetrick and his Navy Seals who needed a way to stay in peak condition while on missions with limited space and no access to fitness equipment while on duty in Iraq. Using parachute webbing and an old jujitsu belt, Randy made the first incarnation of today’s TRX Suspension Trainer, since refined into a professional trade training tool. Hundreds of exercises have been developed that can be modified for any fitness goal and any level of user. TRX Rip Training compliments Suspension Training bodyweight exercise by offering a total body workout that challenges core and stabilizer muscles for better balance and rotational power while increasing metabolic activity.

I hold 3 TRX Certifications: TRX Group Suspension, TRX Group Rip Training and TRX Sports Medicine Suspension Training. I am passionate about TRX, recognizing that the body is an interconnected chain of muscles that should be trained on movements that challenge all of them through every plane of motion. TRX gives me the methodology to make my body a machine.

To schedule with Cecily, call 530-400-6078.