Nutrition Services

Trish Trombly

Certified Nutrition Consultant

Trish’s love for nutrition began in high school. She pursued this interest in college and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics from UC Davis. After getting married and having 3 children, her own health struggles eventually led her to seek help from a holistic health practitioner who taught her many principles of natural health. With God’s help she recovered enough to attend Bauman College, becoming a certified nutrition consultant, and has taken further training to become a certified gluten practitioner. Her passion is to help others learn what their bodies need to feel their best and reach their full potential.

In 2010 Trish launched Trombly Nutrition, a private nutrition consulting practice. She strives to help her clients improve their health through education and ongoing support in a caring, nurturing environment. She believes that establishing a good relationship with her clients is a big part of the healing process.  She also really enjoys teaching people in a group setting where they benefit from the support of others. Her classes always include a food demo, to assist people in making the transition from theoretical knowledge to practical, healing life changes.

As a Yolo County chapter leader of the Weston A Price Foundation, Trish is involved in helping people in the area find local sources of real food including organically grown fruits and vegetables, pasture-raised animals and animal products, and other traditional foods. She has established relationships with many of the farmers in the area and promotes buying food directly from them.

Recently Trish joined our team at Physical Edge.  She brings her expertise in using traditional whole food nutrition to help people prevent disease and find support for health challenges such as gluten sensitivity, celiac disease, gastrointestinal problems, blood sugar imbalances, liver problems, low metabolism, and weight issues. Her services include private nutritional counseling, health groups and classes, menu planning, food shopping, and cooking lessons.

Trish has been married to her wonderful husband Craig for 38 years and they have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. She has been active in her Christian church in Davis for many years and serves as a greeter there.  She teaches 4th grade music at Grace Valley Christian Academy where she plays her accordion and shares her love for music.  She also enjoys organic gardening, bike riding, and swimming.  To contact Trish, please email her at