Nutrition Classes

 Are Fruit Smoothies Good for You?

Nutrition Class and Food Demonstration

Learn to Rev Up Your Metabolism & Make a Delicious Superfood Smoothie!

Monday November 13th from 3-4:30 pm in the Physical Edge Multipurpose Room

Cost: $25, includes handouts, sample, and recipe. 

Sign up by Saturday, November 11th and receive $5 off the class

Come and learn simple but profound strategies for improving your metabolism and having more vitality.  Hint: it’s not about dieting, it’s about nourishing yourself! Then learn to make a delicious superfood smoothie, have a sample, and take a recipe you can easily make at home.

Simply put, metabolism is the summary of all the chemical processes occurring in your body to keep you alive. A healthy metabolism positively affects every cell in your body and helps you to be vibrantly healthy, but metabolism tends to slow down with time and lack of proper care.

How do you know if your metabolism is slow? Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Are you…

  • A yo-yo dieter who ends up gaining more weight back?
  • So health conscious that you don’t eat enough?
  • Experiencing digestive problems?
  • Stressed out all the time?
  • Feeling cold and low energy?
  • Having extremely dry skin?
  • A compulsive exerciser, but feel worse instead of better?

Find out if your symptoms could be caused by low metabolism, and how you can get your body working more efficiently!